Northumberland Settlement

Nicole Beatty: D&I Diversity and Inclusion

May 09, 2022 Rosa Ortega and Emilio Ojeda Season 1 Episode 8
Northumberland Settlement
Nicole Beatty: D&I Diversity and Inclusion
Show Notes

Nicole Beatty, Councillor of the Town of Cobourg chat with Rosa and Emilio about Diversity and Inclusion as a pioneer in Northumberland County municipalities. 
And later in the podcast Rosa and Emilio talk about the new Start-up visa as well as an update in the support the province and federal government is offering to the Ukrainian Nationals coming to Canada and specific to Northumberland County.

Nicole Beatty (she/her) is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) who has raised over $30 million for causes worldwide and involved in the creation of three charities and one social enterprise.  She is an active community leader in Northumberland, contributing as an inaugural board member for SONG, co-founding Cultivate Festival, starting 100+ Women Who Care Northumberland and Think Tiny Homes Northumberland, and serving as the volunteer ED for Local Food for Local Good.  Locally, she has worked for Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation, Green Wood Coalition and Thrive Northumberland.  She is also an elected Councillor and Coordinator of Planning and Development for the Town of Cobourg.

Nicole manages her own consultancy, Capacity for Community, and is a registered coach with Innoweave, a social innovation network funded by the McConnell Foundation.  Her sectors of expertise include food security, housing, poverty reduction, healthcare, gender equity, youth empowerment, and arts and culture.  She is the author of several e-learning modules for CharityVillage and is a delegate for the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference, which will take her to Newfoundland-Labrador on a three-week policymaking and community study this June.

Canada’s Response to the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine:

March 30, 2022: Canada expands settlement support for Ukrainians coming to Canada:

Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada living in the Ukraine:

Emergency Assistance for Ukrainian Migrants 
Quick Summary
As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is an emerging humanitarian crisis in Europe. The United Nations estimates almost 4 million Ukrainians have fled the conflict. 
Ontario is responding to the invasion of Ukraine by ensuring individuals and families seeking safety in Ontario from the conflict have the services and supports they need to integrate and succeed in our province.
The federal government has introduced a new immigration stream for people fleeing the conflict who wish to come to Canada called the Canada–Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET). Additionally, the federal government has advised there will be no limit on the number of individuals that could arrive in Canada through this pathway.
Individuals arriving under the CUAET stream are not en